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Structure and classification of infinite or finite groups

20E05 Free nonabelian groups
20E06 Free products, free products with amalgamation, Higman-Neumann-Neumann extensions, and generalizations
20E07 Subgroup theorems; subgroup growth
20E08 Groups acting on trees [See also 20F65]
20E10 Quasivarieties and varieties of groups 
20E15 Chains and lattices of subgroups, subnormal subgroups [See also 20F22]
20E18 Limits, profinite groups
20E22 Extensions, wreath products, and other compositions [See also 20J05]
20E25 Local properties
20E26 Residual properties and generalizations
20E28 Maximal subgroups
20E32 Simple groups [See also 20D05]
20E34 General structure theorems
20E36 General theorems concerning automorphisms of groups
20E42 Groups with a $BN$-pair; buildings [See also 51E24]
20E45 Conjugacy classes
20E99 None of the above, but in this section