Lord of the Rings game engine

This is a development version of The Lord of the Rings game engine which plays famous Interplays game The Lord of the Rings. You can contact me here if You find any bugs. Eventually I will set some forum or e-mail list somewhere. Now, You can read the forum on HappyPenguin.org.


Read what other write about this really classic game. Nice source with some downloads are The Underdogs and of course You can not miss The Tolkien Games site.


0.6.0 Python scripting support for user enhancements.

0.5.10 CD version support (including video cutscene player)

0.5.10 Display paragraph texts from para.dat instead of just number

0.5.5 Added experimental (unplayable) support for The Two Towers.


You need the original game data from Interplay in order to play the full game. If you do not have the original game, download the demo to get an idea what is going on. Please help me to build a static binary of the demo which is not RH9 dependant.

We do not provide the game data since they are property of Interplay. However, we have been told that the original game can be found on some abandonware archives. Try to search Google.